5. Full Well and Linearity

Full well was measured in Lo-gain mode using a pulsed LED source. The point at which the signal became sharply non-linear was coincident with the onset of vertical blooming in the image. High-gain linearity measurements are in agreement with EEV data sheets; chip 2, output right is exceptionally linear, chip 1 output right has very poor linearity.

Chip 1 : Full well = 170,000 electrons
Chip 2 : Full well = 210,000 electrons

Lo-gain , left hand outputs :-


Lo-gain , right hand outputs :-


 Hi-gain , left hand outputs :-


Hi-gain , right hand outputs :-



The linearity is fairly typical for EEV42-80s, although chip 2 right hand output is exceptionally good in hi-gain mode . The poor linearity of the chip 1 right hand side amplifier is mentioned on the EEV data sheet. The RD and OD voltages were varied by +/- 0.5V in effort to improve the performance , but to no effect.