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We were a bit disappointed after the Tek visit. We had expected to be tempted by their Foundry offer. The price seems high, but if they deliver a reasonable yield (10%?) of thinned devices it is not unreasonable. However, they are clearly still having problems with their 2k-square thin chips- which is not encouraging.

Their divestiture is going to disrupt them to some degree. They now seem to expect to produce some Foundry (2k-square, thin) chips by about the end of the year. It seems tempting to hope they stay in business, and see how these devices turn out. If spare/R&D money were available we would perhaps invest in a batch. We can only really invest our money in a reasonably secure source.

The 2k-square foundry chips are being designed now. They will have pixels. Morley Blouke gave us some assurances that they had made other working devices with this size of pixel.

The CCD group began formally trading as SITe, effective from the 1st. October 1993; the new company have not retained any links with Tektronix (USA) but have remained at the same location. We await news of progress with their CCD foundry operations.
Fri Sep 9 14:55:39 BST 1994