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QWIN(DOW)/WIN(DOW) - enquire and alter readout window

QWINDOW prints what the current readout window is. WINDOW alters it.


QWINDOW requires none. WINDOW requires four, which are (XSTART,YSTART) and (XSIZE,YSIZE) respectively. The co-ordinate system is that of the chip relative to (1,1) which is the light sensitive pixel at the corner from which it is read out. (XSTART,YSTART) defines the bottom left corner of the read out data and (XSIZE,YSIZE) are its dimensions.


Adam:> WINDOW 1 385 1 576


Overscan can be achieved by making XSIZE or YSIZE such that the image exceeds the physical chip dimension.

To restore the default window the easiest course of action is to issue the CHIP command. This reloads the microcode and resets the default pre-flash time. Alternatively you can issue the DEF_WINDOW command which will simply reset the window parameters back to their default values.

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