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Image storage

The file handling commands present a view of the disk as :

1. The current image * 2. The GLANCE file * 3. A set of RUN files * 4. A set of STORE files * 5. A set of TEMPorary files *

The current image can always be referred to as IMAGE and the GLANCE file as GFILE. A set of variables RUN, STORE and TEMP can be used as shorthand to refer to RUN, STORE and TEMPorary files. For example, R1 is RUN number 1.


Adam:> ADD GFILE R1 T1

adds the glance file to RUN 1 and stores the result in TEMP 1.

QFILES or PRINT IMAGE will always give the name of the current image, and IMAGE= will alter the current image. For example to make the current image the first STORE file :


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