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QFL(ASH)/SETFLA(SH)/FL(ASH) - pre-flash control

QFLASH prints out the currently selected pre-flash time, measured in arbitrary units of about 1 microsecond. SETFLASH sets up this time. The actual flash is performed automatically prior to a GLANCE or RUN, or on demand using the FLASH command.


QFLASH requires none. SETFLASH requires the pre-flash time. If omitted, it will be prompted for. FLASH requires none since it uses the time previously set up by SETFLASH.


Adam:> SETFL 10 Adam:> FLASH


SETFLASH does no more than set a microcode variable governing the flash period. It performs no flash. To disable pre-flash, give a zero flash time. If the preset FLASH time is 0, FLASH does nothing.

Default pre-flash can be set with PREFLASHDEFAULT=n. If you change the pre-flash default ,use always SETFLASH before starting a RUN. PREFLASHDEFAULT just sets up a parameter, SETFLASH actually sends it to the CCD controller.

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