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RU(N) - the primary exposure command

Performs a run, always into a new file :

1. Check telemetry
   2. Clear the chip unless NOCLEAR flag is set
   3. Pre-flash if non-zero pre-flash time set
   4. Expose (open shutter, time exposure, close shutter)
   5. Read out chip
   6. Reset the pre-flash time to the default (0 at present time)
   7. Display data on Lexidata
   8. Write data to disk
   9. Write data to tape as FITS image if tape is selected dump device
  10. Increments next run number


As for GLANCE, the exposure time in seconds, prompted for if omitted.

The object name can be given as a second parameter. It should be in double quotes and will be prompted for if omitted. The object name is limited to 24 characters.


Adam:> RUN 1000 "NGC4151 long-slit"

Perform a 1000 second run looking at NGC 4151. This is the most efficient way of starting a run as nothing happens until all prompts are answered.


During all but the briefest runs, the ADAM terminal is available for displaying the RUNSTATus, PAUSEing, CONTINUEing, STOPping, ABORTing and running application programs.

All runs are timed using the Time Service, giving exposure durations accurate to about one millisecond.

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