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Selected data processing facilities

There are a lot of standard application programs which are available, and, as mentioned in the Introduction, enthusiastic astronomers can bring their own with them. How do these interact with the CCD data acquisition system?

All of these programs use a set of standard routines for reading their input parameters and if such a program ever issues a prompt for a data file name, you can always either type the actual file name (if you know it), the name of an ACL variable whose value is the file name or else a name of the form Rn (meaning run number ), Sn (meaning store file ) or Tn (meaning temporary file ). The name of the current CCD data file is always held in the ACL variable IMAGE, so to operate on the current image, you can always type IMAGE.


Adam:> PEEP * Enter name of data file :>IMAGE * Adam:> STATS * Enter name of data file :>R4 *

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