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Calibration Arcs

``A Spectral Atlas of calibration lamps in use with IDS'' (E.J.Zuiderwijk and J.Knapen 1989) is being issued by RGO. It contains maps of a Cu-Ar arc with high, intermediate and low dispersion (1200, 400 and 150 lines mm gratings), Cu-Ne with high and low dispersion (1200 and 150 lines mm gratings), Th-Ar with high dispersion (1200 lines mm grating), Cu-He with low dispersion (150 lines mm grating) and Al/Ca/Mg-Ne with intermediate dispersion (632 lines mm grating).

The main features of the different lamps are described also here, so that users can decide which lamps are more adequate for their observations. Some of the comments that follow, only apply to CCD observations and not to IPCS ones, due to the difference in dynamic range between both detectors. The best way to judge is actually by inspecting the arc atlas.

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