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Exposes one plane of an image-cube.

Format: ZPLANE <channel> <plane>

Channel: The name of the data-acquisition channel.

Plane: The number of the plane.

Examples: zplane taurus 250

Queuable: No.

Comments: This command is only allowed when the channel is paused and the image format is three--dimensional. It is intended for use during interactive exposures, but will function at other times (although you should think carefully about what will happen when the channel is unpaused). If a CCD is in use, it is cleared and read out into the specified plane. If the IPCS is in use, the plane is not cleared since this cannot be done without clearing the rest of the cube. Planes may be exposed more than once: CCD exposures over-write the previous data, but IPCS exposures are coadded. This command will move a CCD shutter as required, but will not move the IPCS shutter. The planes in a cube are numbered from one upwards.

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