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Sets a readout window on a CCD or the DICI window on the IPCS.

Format: WINDOW <channel> <window-no> <x-size> <y-size> <x-offset> <y-offset>

Channel: The name of the data-acquisition channel to be windowed.

Window-no: Number of the window to be set (from 1 to 4).

x-size: Size of window in pixels.

y-size: Size of window in pixels.

x-offset: Offset of origin of window in pixels.

y-offset: Offset of origin of window in pixels.

Examples: window blue 1 1280 200 0 400

Queuable: Yes.

Comments: The size and position of a readout window(s) must be given in un-binned CCD-pixels. Setting an -size of zero deletes a readout window. Offsets of zero align the window with the left/bottom edges of the image. This command enables any windows that were previously disabled. Windows that will not fit within the image format defined by setup_ccd will be rejected. Windows with sizes that are not multiples of the current binning factors will be rejected. When used for the IPCS, the window-number parameter must be given (to preserve the parameter-ordering), but is not used: there is only one DICI window. The DICI window must be contained within the rectangular image produced by the IPCS electronics. This window has a window equal to the camera-window width times the x-resolution and a height equal to the camera-window height time the y-resolution.

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