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Sets the image format for CCD exposures, and prepares a channel for taking data.

Format: SETUP_CCD <channel> <x-size> <y-size> <z-size> x-bin> <y-bin>
<x-win-s1> <y-win-s1> <x-win-o1> <y-win-o1>
<x-win-s2> <y-win-s2> <x-win-o2> <y-win-o2>
<x-win-s3> <y-win-s3> <x-win-o3> <y-win-o3>
<x-win-s4> <y-win-s4> <x-win-o4> <y-win-o4>

Channel: The data-acquisition channel to be set up.

X-size: The -size of the CCD in pixels.

Y-size: The -size of the CCD in pixels.

Z-size: The number of image planes in the cube.

X-bin: The binning factor in .

Y-bin: The binning factor in .

X-win-sn: The -size of window .

Y-win-sn: The -size of window .

X-win-on: The -offset of window .

Y-win-on: The -offset of window .

Speed: The read-out speed of the CCD.

Examples: setup_ccd red 1280 1180 1
(system prompts for remaining parameters).

Queuable: Yes.

Comments: No exposures can be made until the channel has been set up by this command. In general, the system will suggest (at prompts) the correct CCD sizes. However, the CCD controllers can generate any size of image for a given chip: pixels beyond the physical extent of the chip are overscan and contain the bias level only.

Mon Oct 3 21:59:29 WET 1994