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Bins the read-out of a CCD detector

Format: BIN <channel> <xbin> <ybin>

Channel: The name of the data-acquisition channel to be binned.

Xbin: The binning factor in X. This must be an integer in the range 1 - 10.

Ybin: The binning factor in Y. This must be an integer in the range 1 - 10.

Examples: BIN UES 2 2

Queuable: Yes.

Comments: This command sets the binning factors on the named channel in both X and Y. Binning factors that do not divide exactly into the current window sizes will be rejected. Binning in forces the read-out speed back to STANDARD; the speed is not changed automatically if the -binning is set back to 1. Bin has no meaning (and would be rejected) for a channel using the IPCS; use resolution for this channel.

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