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Abort commands, especially exposures.

Format: ABORT <channel> [<option>]

Channel: The name of the data-acquisition channel to be used.

Option: Determines which commands will be aborted. Possible values are EXP, FIRST, ALL; the default is EXP.

Queuable: No.

Examples: abort red exp (delete the current exposure on RED.

Comments: The EXP option aborts an active exposure on the channel and any associated actions. This option has no effect if there isn't an active exposure. Actions in the queue before the exposure are not affected (specifically, the system will continue to save data from previous observations). The FIRST option aborts any operations that have started, but does not touch pending operations. It will stop any operations: its is not limited to exposures. If this option is used to stop an exposure, unsaved data from the previous observation may be lost. The ALL option deletes all actions in the queue.

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