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Starting up the system

The DAS is started automatically in the general start-up of the observing system, invoked as follows.

Log on to the account on the system computer from which you intend to observe. Give the command ICL to start the command interpreter. You will now be asked to choose a configuration ( i.e. a set of hardware) from a series of menus. When you have made your choice, the system will run some initialization programs, output some progress messages and then ask you whether you are ready to load the system. If you answer `NO', you will be given control of ICL and the instrument-control and data-acquisition systems will not be loaded. If you answer `YES', the system will proceed to load and initialize the system. It is normal to answer `YES' at this point; if you answer `NO', you can load the system at a later time by issuing the ICL command startsys. The loading has finished when the ICL> prompt returns and when messages of the form

RED_RAT: This channel is ready for use.
have appeared on the screen.

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