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The mimic

The mimic display for CCDs is fairly self-explanatory. A few points are worth noting here.

The state field on each channel refers to the activity of the CCD. The states are CLEARING, CLEARED, FLASHING, FLASHED, EXPOSING, PAUSED EXPOSED, READING, IDLE and ABORTED. The state goes back to IDLE after each exposure. ABORTED means that the data from an exposure have been discarded. EXPOSED and EXPOSING are used both for normal exposures and for dark exposures; EXPOSING does not imply that the shutter is open.

The exposed time is the time for which the shutter has been open since the CCD was cleared. The elapsed time is the time since the shutter first opened after the last clearing. Hence, elapsed - exposed gives the time for which the exposure has been paused.

Most features on the mimic are drawn in green when they are active and in yellow otherwise. In particular, the readout windows are drawn in green when they are enabled.

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