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SloDAR (SLOpe Detection And Ranging) uses the light from a double star to obtain realtime measurements of r0 and the distribution of Cn^2.
SloDAR is situated at the 'optical science port' behind the glass plate on which the pickoff mirror moves. It comprises a collimator, lenslet array and firewire CCD camera. See Richard Wilson's page SloDAR at the WHT.
Setup and Use

From the camera the firewire cable connects to the first firewire connector in in the bottom back of the PC. Once you connected the cable turn on the camera, there is a switch on the back, two led's (green and red) go on. Make sure the PC is connected to the network. Now switch on the computer and login as user 'slodar'. After successful login turn the monitor off.
In the control room, use the PC above NAVIS, the black keyboard and mouse. Start the program VNC from the desktop. (NOTE: if you see that there is a VNC session open, close it first)
If you need advice when running SloDAR in evening twilight you may call Juan Carlos Guerra, his telephone number is 636 479 871.
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