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SCAM uses the 'new' UV derotator on GHRIL side. TCS version W23-1-4 and higher allow for this configuration. The new UV derotator has an unvignetted field of 30" diameter and 3.5' full FOV with 1.5 mag. vignetting at the edge. The vignetting 1.2' away from the centre is 0.7 mag.

TCS: Autoguiding:
The light for the autoguider is reflected off a 45 degree flat mirror with a 50" hole in the middle to allow for light to reach the STJ camera.


Rotator centre, 7 star calibrate and aperture offset: first night only.
To acquire a guide star use a big window.
SYS> window AG2 1 "[21:1000,1:977]" was used covering the detector array located at the pixel 909,846.
Once you have a guide star re-define the window to a box of e.g. 200x200 to speed up the guide loop.

SCAM does not use ICL or the observing system on taurus.

Acquisition is done on the top right corner of AG2 by putting a mirror in the beam. To observe, the mirror is moved to allow light go through a hole in it to S-CAM. Autoguiding is possible only when a bright enough star is visible in the rest of the AG2 field.
I've defined a "region file" which you can load onto SAOimage as stj.reg. The circle is the rotator centre with no aperture offset and the "plus" marks the centre pixel of S-CAM (approx). Use AP 0 2.4 4.6 to make this point also the centre of rotation.

Leave telescope at AZ=222 in the morning, position to point GHRIL to AP3 floor for access for Helium fill (they do).

XY HANDSET cursor keys, the arrows show how the object moves on the detector:

PA=0:  +------+
       |     N|
       |    ^ |
       |   /  |
       |  /   |
|  \   |   /  |W     |
|   \  |  /   | ^    |
|    v | v    |  \   |
|     E|S     |   \  |

Data Handling

Done by observers on their own data acquisition system.

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