MOMI is a Coronograph with an etalon-type intererencial filter, which allows cube images like Taurus. A light splitter allows the object to be seen. The object (only one) must be put behind a black spot. The image is seen on a PC which the observers have set up in the control room. While observing, vibrations caused by the dome must be avoided, therefore switch to manual override, and remember to update the dome position whenever not exposing. The telescope is balanced only for two rotator positions, with 180 deg. difference, so go back to zenith while going from one to the other. For the calibrate you will need the cass TV. You need the flipmirror in and all the TV filters and stuff out of the way. Remember to put TV in the centre. Watch out for apertures set up for WFC. Before CAL, remember to set aperture 0 to 0 0.