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Orderly shutdown for RoboDIMM & MASS-DIMM

Two cases – electrical storm or snow/ice storm

In case of electrical storm we wish to protect all equipment from surges caused by lightning:- this will involve shutting down all equipment and physically disconnecting plugs. In case of snow/ice storm, we wish to protect sensitive equipment from water entering the dome. In this case the PLC and UPS will be left running, in order to keep the dehumidifier and heater working.


First shut down the 3 PCs from WHT control room

The two MASS PCs share a monitor and keyboard, via a commuter device. If you shut one of the PCs down, you cannot then commute to the other PC to shut it down! For this reason it is best to shut down all 3 PCs from the WHT control room.


Windows PC “mass-dimm(DELL box sitting on top of shelves): Connect from TODISPLAY2 using Applications ->Accessories -> VNC Viewer and entering the IP This opens a virtual copy of the desktop, from which you can shutdown using the usual Windows menu procedure, from the Start button.


Linux PC “mass-site” (NEXCOM aluminium chassis on shelf underneath): Connect from a Linux machine using command “ssh –l root” and then issue the command “/sbin/shutdown –h now”. Requires pushing a small button on back of chassis to power down completely.


Finally, shut down the robodimm (linux) pc by logging on as root and issuing the command “shutdown –h now” or logging on to the console and following the Red Hat menu procedure for shut down.


Need to physically remove plugs from sockets

Once the PCs are powered down, it will be safe to disconnect any plug on the Robo tower. Starting at the left hand plug, facing east:

  • Unplug the UPS mains input
  • next the RoboDIMM monitor,
  • the “regleta blanca” (white power strip).
  • Inside the robodimm pc cabinet, unplug all plugs and leave plugs sitting on top of the PC box. Close the cabinet if possible.
  • Finally unplug the black power strip for the Micro-thermal sensor controller box, and the Vaisala sensor power, from the block next to the trapdoor for the tower.
  • Ensure the devices connected to the MASS PDU are powered down. If not, use the web interface to power them down.
  • Now you should open the circuit breaker for the tower – inside the smaller cabinet and marked with “D” and “X”. This disconnects the PLC, protecting it from lightning.


    Important: Once electrical storm conditions have passed, the PLC, Dehumidifier and heater may need to be started again promptly in order to protect against condensing water.

    Partial shutdown in Cold, Wet conditions

    The dehumidifier will automatically be switched on by the PLC if the dome closes automatically due to high humidity. However if the temperature is below 5 Celsius, the dehumidifier is disabled. In order to allow the dehumidifier to run in cold wet conditions, the heater mains must be switched on manually from the remote control pc in the Control Room.


    If a snow or ice storm forces the telescopes to be abandoned, but no lightning activity is detected or expected, the equipment on the DIMM tower should be all shut down except the dehumidifier, heater and PLC which controls them. Follow the orderly shutdown of the PCs as detailed above, and power down all electrical equipment – it is not necessary to disconnect plugs. The blue plastic sheeting on the tower should be draped over the two telescopes and as much of the computer equipment as possible and the robodimm pc cabinet shut if possible.


    If the dehumidifier or heater is not working, the MASS Windows PC should be removed from the tower and stored indoors.