A versatile new high-throughput imager and spectrograph, ACAM, has been
successfully commissioned at the William Herschel Telescope.

In imaging mode, ACAM offers an 8-arcmin field of view 
(scale 0.25 arcsec/pixel).  A set of U B V R I Z filters 
is available by default, but almost any of ING's broad-band or
narrow-band filters can be mounted in ACAM.

Low-resolution spectroscopy over ~ 3500 - 9500 A is provided by a
VPH disperser.  For a 1.0-arcsec slit, the on-axis spectroscopic 
resolutions is R ~ 450 at 6000 A.  For a 0.5-arcsec slit, R ~ 900.

ACAM is mounted permanently at a folded-Cassegrain focus, and can be 
deployed at a few minutes notice.

Observing time can be applied for through the usual channels (i.e. via
the national time-allocation committees, or through the ING service
observing programme).

More information about ACAM can be found on:

First-light images can be found on:

Chris Benn

Head of Astronomy, ING; ACAM project scientist
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