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For the more technically orientated we also include links to the ING collection of Engineering Documentation and the updated and new Manuals home page

List of User Manuals

Please contact Bill Martin at RGO Cambridge for copies or contributions. []. You can also ask for copies to Javier Méndez (ING) []

The following manuals are available (for a list of updated and new manuals please go to the Manuals home page):


List of RGO/La Palma Technical Notes

The Technical Notes are available from Bill Martin ( at RGO, Cambridge or Javier Méndez at ING (

Observers' Guide

The Observers Guide is the primary source of reference for users of the Isaac Newton Group of telescopes on La Palma. Its purpose is to provide enough information to formulate effective proposals for PATT or CAT.

See 'Manuals' page for www copy or a hard copy can be obtained from: