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Prime Autoguider

To start or stop, type START-UP and SHUT-DOWN on the autoguider keyboard. Check N tex2html_wrap_inline5837 flow on start up. There will be a ball meter, at prime focus it is on the turntable diagonally opposite the autoguider head; at Cassegrain it is above the red arm CCD cryostat.

ICL Interface

 TPGDX n 		 Sets guide probe X position (n=0-110000

PGDY n Sets guide probe Y position (n=0-20000 microns).

PGDXY m n Sets guide probe X and Y position (m=0-110000 microns, n=0-20000 microns).

PGDFOC n Sets guide probe focus (n=0-14100 microns).

SETINT n Sets integration time (n=50-50000 msec; typical 1-2s)

GSSEARCH to find guide star and move guide probe

FIELD takes exposures and finds guide star

FON initiates `following' by autoguider [3mm] AUTOGUIDER ON tell T/S to initiate closed-loop autoguiding

AUTOGUIDER OFF tell T/S to stop autoguiding [3mm] GUISIZE n Sets size of guiding box (default 30 pixels)

FOFF terminates the autoguider `following'

Other commands available on the autoguider keyboard :
 TPRIME 		 selects the prime focus autoguider

SETINT n sets integration time for the field in millisecs

FIELD n does a full frame readout and searches for up to n stars.

GUIDE ON to start guiding, averaging over i integrations

GUIDE OFF to stop guiding

GUISIZE n to change the size of the guiding box

>> and << to rotate colour look-up table

+TAU and -TAU to change horizontal scale of guide error display

+SCALE and -SCALE similarly vertical scale [5mm]

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