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Setting Up The CCDs

The typical configuration is CCD3=AUX, CCD6=PFIP.
This may change; DET_SHOW_CONF shows the actual configuration.
Check when CCDs were last filled with liquid N tex2html_wrap_inline5837 and fill if necessary. Check CCD temperatures are correct (see MIMIC screen for CCD1, etc).

 TSETUP PFIP(AUX) 		 to setup the default formats:

1280 in X, 1180 in Y for EEV3 & EEV6;

1124 tex2html_wrap_inline5529 1124 for Tek

WINDOW PFIP(AUX) to window, just answer the questions. [3mm] DISABLE_WINDOWS PFIP(AUX) to disable windows (and ENABLE_WINDOWS to restore). [1mm] SEND CCDn OBEY CANCEL_WINDOWS MOVE h to clear windows completely (h=head number) [2mm] <speed> PFIP(AUX) to change CCD readout speed:


TURBO, NONASTRO not recommended for science exposures.

[3mm] BIN PFIP(AUX) set on-chip binning factors in X and Y [5mm]

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