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Takes an exposure and transfers the data into the Detector Memory System for inspection, but not to the system computer.

2=to: 2!:}Format: GLANCE <channel> <obstype> <time>

2=to: 2!:}Channel: The name of the CCD data acquisition channel to be used.

2=to: 2!:}Time: The exposure time in seconds

2=to: 2!:}Obstype: The observation type. Valid observation types are SKY, BIAS, DARK, FLAT, and TARGET.

2=to: 2!:}Examples : GLANCE PFIP FLAT 5

2=to: 2!:}Comments: This command is intended for a quick-look at the data, to verify for example that the intensity level is as expected before carrying out a proper exposure. The data will be lost when the next exposure is carried out on the same data acquisition channel. To save the data, use the KEEP command.

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