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Guiding System

The general layout of the Guiding system is shown in Figure 5.

A remotely driven XY slide simultaneously moves two coherent optical fibre bundles over the focal plane (see also Figure 4). An area of 30'2 (2 x 15'2) is available for guiding purposes. Each bundle has a field of view of 18 x 18 arcsec 2 on the focal plane.

Figure 5: Guiding system

The Guiding unit is equipped with a filter wheel housing up to six filters. The filters must be circular and 25mm in diameter. In the standard configuration the following filters are installed: CLEAR, BG38, GG495, OG530, and RG630.

The two guiding bundles are focussed onto a standard CCD autoguider head with thermoelectric cooler, through a prism and a lens (magnification 1:1).

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