1. General Description.

The camera contains two EEV-42-80 thinned and AR coated CCDs butted along their long axes to provide a 4K x 4K pixel mosaic. 13.5mm pixels. 2148 x 4128 pixels total including 50 x-underscan, 50 x-overscan and 28 y-overscan pixels. The active area of the mosaic measures 55.8 x 55.35 mm, with a 0.53mm gap between the chips. Both chips have two working amplifiers giving 3 - 4 electrons noise.

CCD 1 Device number : 7461-14-6.

Grade 2 device with six bright columns and one dark Bright defects :600 total, 230 in central zone. QE = 62% at 380nm, 78% at 400nm, 75% at 650nm and 14% at 950nm.
No measurable dark current at –120C. Full well 170,000 electrons.

CCD 2 Device number : 7461-11-6.

Grade 1 device with one bright column . Bright defects 55 total, 16 in central zone.
QE = 67% at 380nm, 81% at 400nm, 76% at 650nm and 13% at 950nm.
No measurable dark current at –120C. Full well 210,000 electrons.

These two devices come from a production run that resulted in an elevated channel potential . There operational voltages are different from normal EEV42-80s.

The camera was characterised using a Dutch controller configured for two channel readout. It used two Clock cards, two ADC cards , two CDS cards and two Fibre cards. A custom designed two channel preamplifier was also used. Details of the controller configuration are included in this report.

All test data was recorded at -120C.

The mosaic during assembly