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Todd Boroson.

Todd Boroson is project scientist at NOAO for their large chip cameras. At the time of visiting they had a thick, and two, devices with peak response of 40% and 80% respectively. The chips appear to suffer from regular fringing at the 50% level beyond . Todd informed us that he believed Mike Lesser had now moved the peak of the AR coatings from to which has resulted in a high peak QE of . The coating is HfO and there are no fringes to the 5% level.

The NOAO goal is to equip the telescope with a Quad-mosaic of 4, thinned, edge-buttable devices. The matrix which is to support the CCDs has been made co-planar to after machining shims under the CCD package. The separate detectors within the mosaic are aligned rotationally to 1 or 2 pixels. The Loral wafer run produced 60 working devices out of a possible 80, but, the devices can not really be quantified until after they have been mounted.

They also plan to put together a mosaic of devices of pixel, 3-edge buttable CCDs with 16 outputs.
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