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Loading and unloading tapes

To load a tape consult the threading diagram on either tape deck. Decide whether you need the write-protect ring on i.e. writing to the tape or off i.e. reading from the tape. Press the tape firmly on the spindle when mounting it. If it `wobbles' when the tape is moving to the load point wait until it stops, press UNWIND and try loading the tape again. To put the tape on line press LOAD, wait until the tape stops moving and then press ON-LINE.

To unload a tape, first check that it is not moving. Then take it offline by pressing RESET and then rewind it by pressing REWIND. Wait until it has stopped moving (it resets to the load point) and press REWIND again. You may then remove the tape. If it is a `D' tape which is full, remove the write-enable ring before putting it in the plastic case.

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