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CLE(AR)/NOCLE(AR)/EXPO(SE)/REA(D) - Home-made runs

CLEAR clears the chip, NOCLEAR suppresses CLEAR on the next GLANCE or RUN. EXPOSE t exposes for t seconds and READ reads out the chip to the GLANCE file or to R0.


Only EXPOSE needs a parameter. It is mandatory and is the exposure time in seconds.

READ will assume the GLANCE file, but if a parameter is specified, it will be taken as the file into which to read; (R0 is the default).


Adam:> CLEAR (clear the chip)

Adam:> NOCLEAR (don't clear the chip on the next GLANCE or RUN)

Adam:> EXPOSE 10 (expose for 10 seconds)

Adam:> READ R9 (read out the chip to run file 9)


If t=0, EXPOSE does precisely nothing.

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