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Lookup table and other Lexidata commands

The following commands are available:

1. CLOV(ER)      - Clear the Lexidata overlay planes
   2. LEXINI(T)     - Reset the Lexidata and load an appropriate lookup table
   3. LEXCL(EAR)    - Clear or reset the Lexidata
   4. LEXPA(N)      - Pan and zoom
   5. LEXZOO(M)     - Zoom by hand with specified factor about specified
   6. LUTCON(TRAST) - Manipulate the lookup table to enhance contrast
   7. LUT(LOAD)     - Load a lookup table (try COLS, GREY)
   8. LUTROT(ATE)   - Rotate the lookup table
   9. UNZ(OOM)      - Return to an unzoomed and unpanned state

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