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GLA(NCE) - a trial exposure

Performs a trial exposure, always into the same file :

1. Clear the chip unless NOCLEAR flag is set
   2. Pre-flash if non-zero pre-flash time set
   3. Expose (open shutter, time exposure, close shutter)
   4. Read out chip
   5. Reset the pre-flash time to the default (0 at present)
   6. Display data on the Lexidata


A single parameter, the exposure time in seconds, is expected. If omitted, it will be prompted for.


Adam:> GLANCE 1.5

Perform a GLANCE run with a 1.5 second exposure.


During the GLANCE run (which will normally be short), nothing else can be done on the ADAM terminal.

If the exposure time is zero the shutter is not opened at all.

The pre-flash period can be set by using the SETFLASH command before the GLANCE command.

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