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Telescope control

HELP TCS SUMMARY gives a glossary of those commands applicable to the INT Telescope control user interface.

.SOURCE                  Defines a new entry in resident catalog
*                        What follows is treated as a comment
ACQUISITION-MODE         Defines the autoguider aquisition mode
ADAM                     Help on ADAM and Instrument Control System
ADVISE                   Lists certain info about a source
APERTURE                 Sets up the aperture offsets
APPARENT                 Use geocentric apparent coordinates for edit. sources
CLEAR                    Clears source entries from resident catalog
CURRENT                  Nominates edit source as current source
DEC                      Enters declination for edit source
DIFFERENTIAL-RATE        Sets up differential tracking rates
ENABLE                   Pre-requisite for certain other commands
END                      Terminates input from device/file
EQUINOX                  Sets up the equinox for edit sources
FOCUS                    Sets the telescope focus
GO                       Slews telescope to next source and tracks
GUIDE-OBJECT             Defines guide object for edit source
HANDSET                  Sets up set and guide rates and increment step
HELP                     Description of the HELP command/facility
INPUT                    Specifies input source of commands (device/file)
LIST                     List the sources in the resident catalog
MEAN                     Use mean coordinates for edit sources
NEXT                     Defines the next source to be observed
OFFSET                   Sets up the telescope offsets
PROPER-MOTION            Sets the proper motion of the edit source
RA                       Enters Right Ascension for edit source
REPORT                   Switches to a report mode
SAVE                     Saves the resident catalog in a file
SCAN                     Sets up raster scan parameters
SET                      Sets several system flags
SHOW                     Lists parameters of a specified source
SNAFU                    Sets up collimation and index errors and aperture 
STATUS                   Gives the size of the resident catalog
STOP                     Stops the telescope and dome
TELESCOPE                Reports all/selection of telescope parameters
TITLE                    Prints line of info from input file
TRAIL                    Sets up parameters for a trail
TURNTABLE                Moves the INT CASS rotator
WAIT                     Waits for a specified period
ZEROSET                  Zerosets the incremental encoders

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