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ADAM Command Language

A glossary of ACL can be obtained on-line by typing HELP ACL SUMMARY

ACTIVE                   Test if an ACL stream is active
ALLOCATE                 Allocate files with given characteristics
BATCH                    Execute a file of ADAM commands
Break-in                 How to interrupt ADAM
DCL                      Declare an ACL variable
DECLARE                  Declare an ACL variable
DEFINE                   Define and A- or D-task
DELETE                   Delete files
DO                       Delimit start of DO loop
ELSE                     Delimit alternatives in IF structures
END                      Terminate DO, IF or PROCEDURE
EPRINT                   Write error message to ADAM terminal
EXIT                     Return procedure execution to ACL
Expressions              Legal expressions within the ACL
FORGET                   Delete variables or dictionary entries
GET                      Load the dictionary from a file
HOLD                     Suspend execution of an ACL stream
IF                       Delimit start of an IF expression
INQUIRE                  Inquire after characteristics of files
IPRINT                   Write informational message to ADAM terminal
KILL                     Abort a task or procedure run by ACL
LET                      Make assignment to an ACL variable (use =)
PRINT                    Write message to ADAM terminal
PROCEDURE                Delimit start of PROCEDURE definitiion
Pseudo_variables         A useful adjunct to the variable system
PUT                      Copy the current dictionary to a file
QUIT                     Terminate ACL
RELEASE                  Release a suspended ACL stream
REPROTECT                Change the write protection key of files
SEND                     Send request to an active D-task
SET                      Set certain ACL system quantities
SHOW                     Show certain ACL system quantities
STREAM                   Start an ACL stream
SYCHRONIZE               Synchronize with another ACL stream (wait for it)
WAIT                     Suspend issuing ACL stream for a period of time
WPRINT                   Write warning message to ADAM terminal

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