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Summary of CCD commands

This gives a summary of the commands that can be used to control the CCD cameras on the INT. It is obtained on-line by typing HELP CCDSUM

Command   Parameters                 Description

ABO(RT) Abort a run, reset run number ADD in1 in2 out Add two images to give third ARCH(IVE) first last Archive runs to tape BIA(S) Synonym for NEW_BIAS BIN nx ny Bins data into groups of pixels CAD(D) n in out Add scalar to image CCDIN(IT) Complete re-initialise CCDSPACE Check space left on disk CDI(V) n in out Divide image by scalar CH(IP) chip Set new chip CLE(AR) Clear the chip CLO(SE) Close shutter CLOV(ER) Clear Lexidata overlay planes CMU(LT) n in out Multiply image by scalar COMM(ENT) Insert comments into file CONT(INUE) Continue a paused run COPY in out Copy image to new file CSU(B) n in out Subtract scalar from image DAT(A) d/t n Redefine the dump device DEF_W(INDOW) Reset window to default values DEPROTECT Deprotect the glance file DESC(RIPT) Read, write, delete descriptors DIP(ARM) option low high Alter display parameters DIS(P) defaulted Display image on Lexidata DIV in1 in2 out Divide two images ENQ_BIAS Display current bias estimate ENQ_DUMPDEV Display current dump device ENQ_FLASH Display pre-flash time ENQ_NUMRUN Display run number ENQ_OBSERVER Display initials of observer ENQ_TIME Display current integration time EXPO(SE) time Perform exposure EXTR(ACT) in x1 x2 y1 y2 out Extract sub-image FF respond to prompts Flat fields an image FILES n1 n2 Inquire status of runs n1 to n2 FILT(ER) number Select filter FITSDIR respond to prompts List contents of FITS tape FITSIN respond to prompts Read FITS file from tape to disk FITSINIT respond to prompts Prepare FITS tape for use FITSOUT respond to prompts Write FITS file from disk to tape FLA(SH) Do pre-flash FOC(US) Focus CCD FOCUSCONTINUE Continue with focus of CCD GLA(NCE) time Perform quick look run GMV(AR) variable Get microcode variable GO Start a run after PREPARE HELP CCD topics Give help on the CCD commands INSP(ECT) List image contents IPC(S) Load IPCS control program KEE(P) object Save GLANCE file as run file KILL IPCS Delete IPCS control program KILLMULT(RUN) Abort exposures started by MULTRUN LCS Load control store LEXCL(EAR) Clear / reset Lexidata LEXINI(T) Initialise the Lexidata LEXPA(N) Zoom / pan Lexidata LEXZOO(M) xcent ycent factor Zoom Lexidata LOADEM Load IPCS external memory LRC(CS) Load, Read, Check control store LUTCON(TRAST) Alter LUT contrast LUT(LOAD) lut Load LUT LUTROT(ATE) Rotate LUT MANI(C) Image manipulation MATH(S) Image arithmetic MCS address value Modify control store MUL(T) in1 in2 out Multiply two images MULTEXP n t d n exposures of t secs in direct d MULTRUN n t c n runs of t secs on object c NEW_BIAS Set new bias estimate NEW_DUMPDEV Set new dump device NEW_FLASH Set new pre flash time NEW_NUMRUN Set new run number NEW_OBJECT Set new object name NEW_OBSERVER Set new initials for observer NEW_TIME Set new integration time NEXTR(UN) number Set next run number NOCL(EAR) Prevent CLEAR on next run NODISP =n 0 display, 1 not display image NOPACKETS =1 Turn off packets. NOPACKETS =0 Turn on packets. NOTIMES Turn off listing of timing info OBSN(AME) name Set new observer's initials OP(EN) Open shutter PACKETS Write packets to current image PA(USE) Pause an active run PEE(P) respond to prompts List a part of an image PHOT(OM) defaulted Simple photometry program PLOT respond to prompts Plot on Lexidata / T4010 PLOTLP respond to prompts Plot on Printronix Line-printer PREFLASHDEFAULT =n Sets default pre-flash to n PREPARE time object Sets up d-task to do a run PURGE respond to prompts Purge run files from disk QBIAS Synonym for ENQ_BIAS QCH(IP) Identify current chip QDI(PARM) List display parameters QFI(LES) List current files etc QFLA(SH) List current flash time QMO(DE) List observing mode QU(IT) CLosedown CCD and exit QWIN(DOW) List current window RCS Read control store REA(D) file Read out chip REC(ALL) number Make old run current image RES(ETCCD) Initialise CCD controller RESTART Software reset of CCD controller RFILE Allocate next run file RU(N) time object Perform standard run RUNSTAT(US) List run status SEND CON: Break in on ADAM SETFL(ASH) time Set up pre-flash time SHOWTIMES Display timing info for a run SHUTDOWN Shut down ADAM system SMV(AR) variable value Set microcode variable SPECD(ISP) IPCS spectral display program SQEL in out dirn xy1 xy2 Add rows or columns STATS image Calculate image statistics STO(P) Stop a run STO(RE) runid storeid Store run in store file SUB in1 in2 out Subtract one image from another TAP(E) Write current image to tape TEL(E) defaulted List telemetry values TESTCCD Clears chip, tests telemetry TILT Check tilt of CCD TIM(E) time Alter exposure time of current run UNZ(OOM) Unzoom Lexidata VERIFY Alter/set tape dump verification WIN(DOW) xstart ystart xsize ysize Set new readout window

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