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The HELP command inside ADAM can be used to obtain on-line information. There are several levels of HELP. A glossary of commands is given in Section 5.7 separated according to topic.


Any parameters are the topics on which help is required.


Adam:> HELP CCD Contains information concerning the CCD subsystems.

Adam:> HELP CCD SUMMARY Gives a glossary of the commands that can be used to control the CCD cameras.

Adam:> HELP FITS All data is written to tape at 1600 bpi in FITS format (see Appendix B). Information can be obtained from

Adam:> HELP FITS COMMANDS SUMMARY Which gives a glossary of commands.

Adam:> HELP ACL SUMMARY Gives a summary of entries in the ADAM Command Language library.

Adam:> HELP ACL_FACILITIES SUMMARY Summarises extra ACL facilities.

Adam:> HELP LEXIDATA SUMMARY This gives a summary of the programs that can be used to display data or give commands to the LEXIDATA image display device.

Adam:> HELP UTIL SUMMARY Contains a summary of the utility commands available.

Adam:> HELP TCS SUMMARY Contains the commands applicable to the Telescope Control System user interface.

Adam:> HELP SPEC SUMMARY Here are summarized the commands applicable to the IDS that are available to the observer.

Adam:> HELP AGBX SUMMARY Gives the commands applicable to the A&G box that are available to the observer.

Some of the CCD control commands are discussed in what follows.

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