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Contents of this Manual

A colour-coding has been used in this Manual, pink pages being those containing only essential information suitable for experienced observers.

Chapter 2 describes briefly a CCD detector, the CCDs available with the IDS at the INT and their performance.

Chapter 3 describes the IDS, including the cross-disperser option, and the acquisition and guiding (A&G) box.

Chapter 4 describes a typical observation with the IDS + CCD from set-up to finish, going through calibrations and tests required. Sections 4.4 and 4.5 (pink pages) contain the Quick Reference Cards which outline a typical observing run giving brief details only. They are intended for experienced observers. The current version of the Cards is in the Telescope Control Room, together with other ``Latest Info''.

Chapter 5 describes ADAM, the command language which is used to interact with the instrument-control software for data entry and checking, prompting and some basic data inspection.

Flux standards are discussed in Appendix A, first steps in data reduction are suggested in Appendix B, information on calibration arcs (mostly provided by Ed Zwiderwijk) is given in Appendix C and filters and masks information are summarized in Appendix D.

Many people have contributed to this manual. The authors want to thank very specially the team at La Palma, in particular David King, Chris Mayer, David Carter and Anne Charles. Thanks are also due to the Support Astronomers group at Herstmonceux for useful suggestions.

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