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The subject of this Manual

This manual is intended to provide information primarily to observers and support astronomers, but also to potential users of the Intermediate Dispersion Spectrograph (IDS) on the Isaac Newton Telescope, using a Charge Coupled Device (CCD) as a detector. It describes how to use the IDS and the CCD and includes a comparison with the other type of detector available with the IDS: the Image Photon Counting System (IPCS). Some overlap with the manual for spectroscopy with the IPCS on the INT is therefore unavoidable.

This manual is intended to replace manual VII Spectroscopy with the CCD on the INT (P.R. Jorden and W.L. Lupton, 1984), and includes extracts from manual XVIII A User Guide to the JKT CCD Camera (R.W. Argyle et al. 1988), manual VI Spectroscopy with the IPCS on the INT -- Cook book (C.R. Jenkins 1986) and Observer's Guide (S.W. Unger et al. 1988).

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