Observer's Guide

  1. Overview

    The Wide-Field Camera for the Isaac Newton Telescope (WFC for INT) comprises a science array of four Loral CCD's, plus a fifth acting as autoguider. A filter wheel with six positions is provided.

    Geometric Layout

    Notes from the commissioning team

    Readout speeds

    Autoguider Sensitivity

    Starting the system

    Filter operations

    Focusing the WFC

    Target catalogues

    Automatic prediction of guider-star positions

    Recovering from major errors

    Geometric Layout

    Each chip is 2048x2048 pixels, each pixel 15 microns, giving a scale at INT prime focus of 0.37". The chips are geometrically similar to the single Ford chip previously used at INT prime (an example 160k image of M33).

    1. The chips are not butted, hence to cover a contiguous are of sky it is necessary to make multiple exposures.
    2. The optical axis, and hence the nominal pointing position of the telescope, is in the central gap.
    3. Half the autoguider chip is used as a frame-transfer buffer, enabling rapid autoguider readout. The area available for guide stars is therefore ~12.5'x7'.

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